Alex morgan dating a mexican

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The points would translate into dollars toward a new car for college (yes, major incentive). While there, she racked up all-Pac-10 honors and was a 2010 all-American.

Jenny got a lot of As and asked for a Mercury sedan. After graduating, she turned pro and in 2011 joined the women's national team, where she bonded with teammates who supported and encouraged one another.

Women are inspired by her; parents everywhere are driving their daughters to Sunday-morning soccer practice because their little girls want to her.

Five years in, Morgan is eager to show that a female athlete's fingerprints—or, in her case, footprints—can extend far beyond the field.

Last winter, she married her longtime boyfriend, Servando Carrasco, a midfielder for the Orlando City team. "But it's hard juggling my family, my husband, balancing that time."Their lives are more in sync now that Morgan was traded in October from the Portland Thorns to the Orlando Pride, which lets her and Carrasco live in the same city."She was always super positive, telling me, ' Take that shot. You're going to break all my records and score more goals than I will.' She instilled that confidence in me from day one."And from day one, Morgan has been explosive on the field.Whether the race is 5 yards or 50, whether she has a ball on her feet or not, Morgan will win.Their chaotic schedules—Morgan trains up to seven days a week during the season—can present a challenge. "Two pro athletes in one family is crazy, but it's our normal! They make it work by motivating each other and not letting fame get in the way."We don't publicize our relationship that much.

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