Bob jones university policy on interracial dating bobby deen dating

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In his first meeting with the university’s Cabinet, Pettit said he believed it was appropriate for BJU to seek its tax-exempt status because the university doesn’t believe the positions it once held about race.Pettit called the university’s racist policies a social issue that was not biblical.“The Bible is very clear,” Pettit said as he announced the change to the university Wednesday night.“If you are trying to reach voters in the South Carolina primary, and also if you are trying to communicate with a certain group of voters nationally, that’s not a bad visit to make,” she said.“Bob Jones University, in terms of its role in campaigns, is probably not as strong as it once was.

They are just giving their students the opportunity to meet candidates and that’s a great thing.” Chip Felkel, a Greenville GOP political consultant, said he is not surprised BJU is once again hosting political events with presidential candidates.

Pettit said he participates in candidate visits but is not endorsing anyone.

“I think as an American citizen we have individual responsibility within our own country,” he said.

Some visited in classrooms or other facilities but not in any major events. Pettit said the school’s former racial policies are ancient history. “I’ve had no discussions with him on anything of where he stands.” In fact, Pettit said, he would be out of town during the rally. I haven’t really had those conversations with him.” Rep.

Wendy Nanney, a Greenville Republican and BJU graduate, said Jones, the former BJU president, didn’t really want to get involved in the political arena. “It’s a different time now and I don’t think it’s going to be a negative for anybody.

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