Dating wing nuts

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Referring to the drawing, I provide a rolled metal strip, Fig. 8 is a perspective view of another form of wing nut embodying my invention.The wing nut is strong and substantial in construction and is provided with ample body metal to receive a tap of sufiicient length to insure strength and secure anchorage with a screw.

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It should be noted that strength is an important feature of wing nuts because their construction invites the application of excessive forcein securing them in place and sometimes toolsare used which provide a leverage and force far beyond that required 4 and often suflicient to break an ordinary wing nut. 4 consists principally in the manner in which the wing members are bent or folded in forming the wings. 5 the wings 16 project upwardly from the top of the body and are made substantially like the wings ll of Fig. 2 without requiring any other change than bending or folding the metal of the wing members as required to form the particular kind of wings.Reynolds, a filmmaker, grew up east of Buffalo, New York, in what he calls the Wing Belt.Several years ago, he recruited six iron-tongued gluttons and a camera crew and led them on a quest to identify the best Buffalo wing in the region.folded toform wings which project upwardly and outwardly from the body and on opposite sides thereof.Each wing as shown issubstantially U-shape in, cross-section throughout its length and the wings are symmetrically disposed to provide a wing nut whichcan be easily and conveniently handled and adjusted, there being no raw edges or sharp corners to injure the fingers or to cause damage with things the nut may engage. in form and of substarftial size, it projects beyond the wings on both sides thereof and completely.

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