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After the announcement of the engagement of a Muslim couple, and before the wedding takes place, a formal contract is drawn up. The contract notes the consent of the couple to marry and specifies the bride-price, a payment by the young man to his fiance.

In traditional Muslim society, the bride-price represented a substantial amount of money, or its equivalent in land, or a combination of both.

In the 1980s, however, except in remote villages, only a token gift was made.

The bride is expected to provide a dowry, usually in the form of furnishings for a new household.

In Roman Catholic canon law the marriage of persons within the same bloodline or of persons within the third degree of collateral relationship is explicitly forbidden.

In Lebanon a dispensation for such marriages can be obtained and they are not uncommon.

Her father and brothers will seek redress, which can take the form of killing the girl and the man involved, killing the man or driving him from the village, or a settlement between the two lineages.

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Although permitted under Muslim law, polygamy is generally regarded as both impractical and undesirable because of the additional economic burden it places upon the household and because of the personal complications it entails.

Polygamous families consist of a man, up to four wives, and their children.

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