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It was very emotional…and I think it will disprove critics who’ve said ‘the frog can’t emote.’” Kermit, who’s always the glue that holds the Muppets together, has a big job in this movie, going head to head with Tex Richman—a guy who’s lost his laugh—to save the studio.TEX RICHMAN (Chris Cooper) is a rich oil baron who’s concocted a devious plan to destroy Muppet Studios, presumably to dig for the oil he claims is underneath.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Moopets may be sincere, but they’re also a little creepy.“The Moopets recreate great Muppet moments,” says Fozzie Bear (“The Great Muppet Caper,” TV’s “The Muppet Show”), who is back on the big screen as his namesake, “at least that’s what they told me we were doing.

Says Segel, “The movie starts out with me and my brother Walter, whose wildest fantasy is to meet the Muppets. The lifelong resident of Smalltown, USA, dreams of meeting his heroes one day, and feels that—just maybe—he belongs with them.His pure-hearted enthusiasm for all things Muppets just might save more than the studio, too.MARY (Amy Adams) is a valued shop teacher in Smalltown, USA—at least if the number of apples on her desk are any indication. If this is not your situation, you need to exit out of this page quick. We have more high-resolution images of Jason Segel and Amy Adams alongside their furry co-stars.There are detailed descriptions of the character arcs for everyone from the lead Segel to the new Muppet Walter down to Animal in anger management.

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