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David Nelms is the Groundwater Specialist for the U. His studies have dealt with fractured-rock and karst aquifers, groundwater/surface-water relations, water budgets, age dating, aquifer susceptibility, groundwater contamination, hydroseismicity, and land subsidence.

Some sand-and-gravel aquifers in Oswego County contain mixtures of old and young water.

Wellhead-protection efforts need to focus on protection of the quality of young water in the sand-and-gravel aquifers because young water is more likely to be contaminated than old water. C., 2002, Ground-water age dating in community wells in Oswego County, New York: U. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01–232, 16 p.,

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Many of these wells are completed in unconfined glacial sand-and-gravel aquifers, although some are finished in till or in the underlying fractured and jointed bedrock of Late Ordovician and Early Silurian ages.

R., 1993, Well-construction, water-level, and ground-water-quality data for Prince William County, Virginia, 1992: U.

C., 1995, Base-flow characteristics of streams in the Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge, and Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of Virginia: U.

L., 1989, Use of digitization to establish hydrogeologic units in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge physiographic provinces, Virginia to New Jersey [abs.]: Conference on Ground Water in the Piedmont of the Eastern United States, Program with Abstracts, Charlotte, North Carolina, October 16-18, 1989, p.

L., 1990, Geohydrology and the occurrence of volatile organic compounds in ground water, Culpeper basin of Prince William County, Virginia, 1992: U. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 90-4032, 94p.

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