Who is alan rickman dating

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Ruby arrives in Walford, having run away from boarding school to look for her father, Johnny Allen (Billy Murray).On her arrival, she is befriended by Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who grills Ruby about her family.She is upset when Johnny is brutally beaten up on New Year's Eve during a clash with Dennis.On New Year's Day 2006, Ruby thinks that Phil attacked him, unless it wasn't him.Later, she speaks to Pat who made her think, by saying that her father was normally right about people, including Jake and Sean.

Ruby persuades Johnny to hand himself in, and then returns with Jake to Walford.Later, Ruby learns from Stacey that Sean had kissed and slept with several other women while with her, and confronts him.She makes Sean vow to be true to her, but when she tells his mother Jean (Gillian Wright) that he is back in Walford, he angrily breaks up with her, throwing her father's ashes in her face.Ruby withdraws £2000 for a holiday but decides to return it and is mugged by Juley.Ruby then has a relationship with Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky), Stacey's brother, unaware that he is a womanizer who is only dating her for her fortune.

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