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woman — her life is incredibly full, she's curious about everything and she's passionate about fashion, beauty, technology, art, travel, the environment, women's issues and the ways that they all intersect," said Coles in an official statement.

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“We told him, and he’s very happy to be a big brother.Dina is much like her boyfriend, Deuce, as she sells items around the school and wears colorful headphones around her neck a lot. Dina is described to be the female version of Deuce.They both dress alike and both sell things to other people.Ninotchka "Nina" García, (born May 3, 1967) is a Colombian fashion journalist and critic who has held the post of Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire magazines, and has been a judge on the Lifetime reality television program Project Runway since its premiere season. She has the same personality as Deuce Martinez and is dating him, since Season 1. She mentioned once, in "Glitz It Up", that she is Don Rio Garcia 's only daughter, implying that she might have a brother(s).

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